Monday, 2 August 2010

Sharpitor and other things

Today I went up Sharpitor, which is just outside Dousland, in Yelverton. Its right on the edge of Dartmoor but its a lovely climb, and a great place to ramble. I found myself a nice little place to sit and wrote some more of the diary of Amy Street. I have decided to enter the diry into the national short story competition for new women writers, provided i can finish it in time (deadline is sept30th) and its within the word limit although i guess i can edit it to fit the 4000 word limit!
Sharpitor was lovely, it was quite windy but it was warm and sunny, I wasnt the only one with that idea tho, i came across a couple sat sketching. I really need to get back into my drawing again! The moors seem to be full of tourists at the moment, every other car was a foreign one lol, lots of french cars about up there lol.