Sunday, 18 July 2010

I've been offline for a while but now I'm back :D just to update you with what's what;

Blog update: Wednesday 14th July

Well I have moved to Plymouth, I moved down on Friday and am now settled in quite nicely. I have 2 flat mates who both seem really nice and I’ve had no problems with them yet.
On Saturday I went for a walk around Burrator Reservoir and got stuck in the mud! It was up to my knees! And then I had to do a very long walk of shame back to my car! I got some very strange looks off people lol but I don’t mind.
It was quite nice and sunny here up until Monday evening when it came over all cloudy and overcast. It was really misty up on the moors so I went for a drive up there. :D it was lovely and atmospheric. I know that’s quite strange but I like things that are a big odd. I love really atmospheric places and places with lots of history. I think Dartmoor fascinates me because of all the myths and legends around these parts, also all the little villages are really quaint and I love the whole idea of an idyllic rural life.
Now don’t laugh but I really would love to work on a farm for a few weeks, just to say that I have experienced it. For as long as I can remember I have wanted to work on a farm or to own a small plot of land on which to keep animals and have a proper little farmhouse type cottage with a cottage garden. I am a strangely old fashioned girl I think, I would love to go back in time to when life was simple and everything was done for one’s self. I would love to one day be totally self sufficient. Maybe when I retire I might do that.

Blog update: Thursday 15th July

I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I have a meeting with the recruitment manager at Tavistock road McDonalds and then I am off to Chagford in north Devon to meet R and then we are going to chagstock for the weekend :D yay festival! :D

Sunday: today:

Well, Thursday night, at about midnight I decided to drive up the moors in the dark! Needless to say, because I'm such a wuss, I didnt last very long and turned around long before I got very far. It was absolutely pitch black and deadly quiet up there. Soo un-natural and unnerving. I was aiming for Princetown, which is about 6 miles from Yelverton, and mostly through the moors. Its not that far at all and I should have been able to do it, but I couldnt, but I did laugh at myself for chickening out all the way home lol!

Chagstock was brilliant fun! Cold, windy with lots of rain showers, but brilliant fun!
Seth was amazing as ever :D lol some chavvy teenagers in front of us, (well I think we were surrounded really!) started a mosh pit to Race To Be King!!!! If I wasnt so worried about me and R getting squashed, it would have been quite amusing!
We saw most of the bands as at Chagstock they have a weird set up where you move from one stage to the other constantly, they only have one band on at a time, on alternating stages. Most peculiar but it seemed to work!
Saw an amazing American guy play two guitars at the same time! ummm let me just find his name . . . aha Rodney Branigan, aparrently he is a youtube legend, I've not heard of him before, but he was incredable! The Voodoo Trombone Quartet were fun, very lively and got everyone dancing. Eat The Rich were brill was well, local punk folk band, pretty good music, may have to look them up. While we were watching them, I spotted Sean Lakeman, Katheryn Roberts and their two little girls come in and have a dance!
Oh and we saw the twins again when they were setting up the stage for Seth, they came on with Sean and were playing on the drums and they waved at the crowd and we all waved back and people started clapping and cheering, and one of the little girls did a curtsey! ah so cute! :D

Now I'm back from Chagstock and sunburnt somehow! and absolutely exhausted. Seeing as I am going up to Bristol tomorrow, I'm guna shoot and have a lazy evening watching a dvd me thinks.
See ya laters

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